The future of television has been called into doubt for years. Despite doomsday calls by some industry analysts and naysayers, Dish Network has persisted, serving millions of customers in homes throughout the US with hundreds of channels to choose from and packages priced for any budget.

accelerated the telecommunication company’s plans to revamp its business structure and rethink how it delivers its high-quality products to consumers

Dish Network Sports

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in the canceling of nearly all major sporting events in the future, a major attraction to younger Dish Network viewers. In fact, one survey of Dish customers found that 60% subscribe to the service primarily to watch live sports – leading Dish Network to begin to plan for new ways to deliver content that customers enjoy in the new landscape.

Dish Network is proud to offer customers one of the widest selections of sports viewing anywhere in the world.

Subscribers who normally revel in the spring training and early season coverage of Major League Baseball await the league’s decision, in consultation with the proper public health authorities, on whether the 2020 baseball season will commence as planned or whether America’s pastime will be another casualty of the pandemic.

Millions of dish viewers watch the 2,430 regular season baseball games played throughout the US each year. Dish makes keeping up with your home team, even when you’re on the other side of the country, a click of the remote away.

Dish Network has long been ahead of the competition when it comes to providing customers access to their favorite sports via the web. Young people increasingly rely on streaming services rather than conventional TV, an important trend that nimble telecommunications firms like Dish have taken notice of.

In 2015, Dish rolled out its wildly popular Sling TV, connecting viewers to online streams of their favorite sports and other shows. The service has competed successfully with more established streaming services like Hulu and Netflix.

Moving forward, customers can expect even more content to become available online as Dish Network continues to adapt to changing customer demands.

Building the Future of Dish with a Brand New 5G Network

One of the ways that Dish is demonstrating a commitment to the future is its ongoing construction of a nationwide 5G network. The company announced its ambitious plans for the construction of a lightning-fast fifth-generation network in 2017. It has quietly and steadily moved the necessary pieces into place since then to make the goal a reality.

Recently, Dish Network inked a new deal with the software developer Mavenir to design the software for its network.

The courts, through a process of negotiation over the recent acquisition of Sprint by Dish Network, have mandated that Dish Network commit to finishing the 5G project by 2023, a deadline that Dish has agreed to and is currently publicly committed to achieving.

Once the 5G network is completed, Dish TV will have a huge market advantage to build on into the future.

Reimagining the Future

According to the recent reporting of changes at Dish Network, a company spokesperson released the following statement: “Due to the current economic climate, combined with changing needs of our customers and how we best serve them, DISH has made the difficult decision to reevaluate our organization.”

Unfortunately, Dish Network’s reorganization includes some layoffs. However, the company remains committed to long-term growth, hoping to add new customers through its innovative services and, ultimately, to replace the jobs lost today with high-paying jobs in the future as the company expands.