The State of California and Dish Network

The most populated state in the United States and third-largest state by area, California is a Pacific paradise with many bustling cities and charming towns. The Golden State is supported by a multi-trillion-dollar economy that gives it the honor of having the largest sub-national economy in the world. The state that’s home to Silicon Valley, a large chunk of the film and television industry, and a thriving agriculture industry is also a place where many people appreciate conveniences. And you can’t get more convenient when it comes to entertainment options and money-saving packages and bundles than Dish Network!

Whether you live in and love L.A., hang out in San Diego, call San Jose home, or live, work, and play in San Francisco, you’re sure to appreciate the ability to relax and unwind with your favorite shows, movies, or sports event. With sports alone, 19 major professional sports franchises call the state home. But you don’t have to be an avid sports fan to take advantage of the Dish Network services available in the awesomely diverse State of California.

Los Angeles, California

Home to nearly 4 million people and the oldest McDonald’s restaurant in the world, Los Angeles is the most populated city in California. The Hollywood Sign, Walt Disney Concert Hall, the iconic Capitol Records Building, Dodger Stadium, the Staples Center, and the Battleship USS Iowa are just some of the many well-known landmarks and attractions to be found in a city that’s also full of equally legendary neighborhood eateries, restaurants, theaters, parks, and entertainment hubs.

Of all of the attractions in the City of Los Angeles, one of the most recognizable has to be the Hollywood Bowl. Created in 1922, the amphitheater in Los Angeles’ Hollywood Hills neighborhood is known for its distinctive shell. While the amphitheater has the perfect acoustics for orchestras and theatrical performances, the facility is also a prime destination for concerts by popular acts like The Who, The Beach Boys, Lady Gaga, Van Halen, Lionel Richie, and Janet Jackson. If you’re into all-things Hollywood, the Hollywood Sign and Hollywood Walk of Fame are equally must-visit sites – even for locals!

For more than 50 years, the Los Angeles Zoo and Botanical Gardens has been a popular attraction in Los Angeles. Spanning 133 acres, it is home to nearly 1,500 animals. In the botanical gardens, you’ll be able to view more than 7,000 individual plants. While visiting L.A.’s zoo, you’re welcome to observe western lowland gorillas, check out reptiles and amphibians in habitats peppered with native plants, and see animals originally from some of the world’s best-known tropical regions. An assortment of shows and activities also take place here throughout the year.

You won’t have to worry about missing your favorite shows when you’re out and about in Los Angeles visiting Universal Studios Hollywood, visiting one of the city’s 800-plus museums, or enjoying one of the thousand or so annual theatrical productions that take place in L.A. each year thanks to Dish’s cutting-edge DVR technology. You’ll also enjoy you’ll also enjoy direct-broadcast satellite TV service that’s perfect for catching the latest Rams, Dodgers, Lakers, Chargers, Clippers, or Kings games.

If you’re a new L.A. Dish Network subscriber, or you live in surrounding areas such as Long Beach, Torrance, or Burbank, Dish has great deals you’re sure to love on popular premium channels like HBO®, Cinemax®, and Showtime®, which are free for 3 months for new customers! If you’re one of the nearly 2 million Latino or Hispanic residents living in L.A., you’ll absolutely appreciate DishLATINO, which has the best of Spanish and English language programming. These are just some one of many ways Dish can be perfect for Los Angeles residents.

San Diego, California

The second-largest city in California by population, San Diego is known for its stunning ocean views, sprawling beaches, culturally diverse and rich neighborhoods, 300-plus days of sunshine annually, and year-round mild temperatures. While the city has a long association with the United States Navy, it’s also considered the economic center of the San Diego County area thanks to thriving industries that include tourism, manufacturing, and healthcare.

Spanning 1,200 acres, Balboa Park is a popular and conveniently located open space area that’s also home to San Diego Zoo. Additionally, the park’s grounds are peppered with beautiful garden walkways, lush gardens, and several restaurants, cafes, and gift shops. This iconic San Diego landmark is also where you can visit more than a dozen museums – including the San Diego Natural History Museum and the San Diego Museum of Art – along with an assortment of venues and attractions.

SeaWorld at Mission Bay is definitely an attraction to include on your must-visit list if family fun is what you’re looking for in San Diego. The combination animal theme park, oceanarium, outside aquarium, and marine mammal park houses 15 attractions, more than two dozen animal habitats, various seasonal events, and several entertaining, family friendly shows. Bayside Skyride and Ocean Explorer are among the popular rides you can enjoy while spending the day at Sea World San Diego. If you’re more of a thrill-seeker, try the Electric Eel or any of the other roller coasters you’ll discover here!

Seaport Village is a waterfront dining and shopping complex that’s also worth checking out if you’re new to the San Diego area. Even if you’re a long-time resident, you are sure to appreciate the nearly 50 shops that line the walkway here. The bayview restaurants and sidewalk eateries are just as amazing. Many festivals and celebrations also take place here throughout the year. But don’t forget to check out the legendary carousal that’s been here for more a century!

There’s no denying the abundance of things to do in San Diego and nearby communities like Carlsbad, San Marcos, Oceanside, and Escondido. But for times when you just want to relax and unwind, Dish Network can keep you entertained right from the comfort of your own home with an On Demand library that allows you to choose from over 20,000 TV shows and movies! Dish even offers affordable and convenient high-speed Internet and TV bundles you can take advantage of.

San Jose, California

Considered the heart of Silicon Valley, San Jose is California’s third-largest city by population. Nestled in the Santa Clara Valley and not far from Palo Alto, San Francisco, Saratoga, and Mountain View, San Jose has a classic Mediterranean climate and an abundance of charm culture, and amenities. With nearly 16,000 acres of parkland and roughly 60 miles of recreational and active transportation trails, the city is also a true paradise for anyone who loves the outdoors.

Operated by the University of California, Lick Observatory is a perfect place to learn more about the world beyond our own planet. Visitors are welcome at this picturesque mountain-top location year-round. The Summer Visitors Program is especially popular since this is when you can visit to observatory and look through the powerful telescopes to be found here. There’s also an annual Music of the Spheres concert that takes place on the observatory’s grounds.

Dating to the late 1800s, the Winchester Mystery House is a world-famous Queen Anne Style Victorian mansion located in San Jose. The former home of the window of the founder of the Winchester Repeating Arms Company, Sarah Winchester, the home is known for its unique architectural features and multiple years of nearly-endless construction. Populated by more than a hundred rooms, the historic home has many many oddities, such as halls to nowhere and windows placed where it doesn’t make sense to have them. Informative daytime tours that include many finished and unfinished rooms are offered.

Locally referred to as “The Tech,” the Tech Museum of Innovation is a perfect area attraction to visit if you want to explore the wonderful world of science and technology. Nestled in Plaza de César Chávez in Downtown San Jose, the facility presents many innovative exhibits. A unique feature of the museum is the IMAX Dome Theater, which regularly shows educational and mainstream films.

For those times when you’re out and about enjoying a San Jose Sharks or San Jose Giants game, simply taking in the sights at the DISH Movie PackSierra Vista Open Space Preserve, or visiting nearby Santa Cruz to spend the day at the beach, Dish Network offers award-winning HD DVR technology. With Dish’s whole-home DVD solution, known as Hopper, you can record a few thousand hours of TV and watch it back at a time that’s convenient for you.

San Francisco, California

The forth most-populated city in California, San Francisco is known for its cool summers and multiple days of sunshine, award-winning seafood restaurants, and iconic tourist spots. Home to the San Francisco Giants and 49ers, the city is also where you’ll find beautiful bays, famous bridges like the Bay Bridge and Golden Gate Bridge, and rolling and winding hills. Speaking of notoriously steep streets, Lombard Street may get all of the attention, but Hyde and Leavenworth Streets and actually the steepest streets in The Golden City.

Located a little over a mile from San Francisco, Alcatraz Island is a former federal prison and National Historic Landmark. Accessible by ferry or certain ships providing sightseeing tours, the 22-acre island houses the main cell house and dining hall, a lighthouse, a water tower, and other remnants of the facility that once operated here. It’s also worth taking a trip to the island if you have an appreciation for natural features like rock pools and a robust seabird colony. Several art installations can also be found on the island.

Accessible by the F Market streetcar, Fisherman’s Wharf is an iconic San Francisco landmark and attraction known for its popular seafood restaurants, local shops, and assortment of attractions. This is also where you can go to see a decommissioned World War II era submarine, a 19th-century cargo ship, and a world-class fireworks display for Independence Day. And if you’re looking for the perfect spot to check out the sights during Fleet Week, Fisherman’s Wharf is the go-to location to achieve this goal. The Aquatic Park Historic District is adjacent to the wharf.

Spanning over a thousand acres, Golden Gate Park is a beautifully spacious area in San Francisco that’s about 20 percent larger than New York’s Central Park. As you stroll through this iconic park, you may encounter street entertainers as you make your way to the open-air plaza here. Bicycle and surrey rentals are also available if you prefer to get around this spacious park in a way that’s bit more invigorating. The De Young Museum, the California Academy of Sciences, the Japanese Tea Garden, and the Conservatory of Flowers are some of the additional attractions located within the park. An ornate carousel is one of the other popular features of the park both locals and newcomers to the city tend to enjoy.

Many San Francisco theaters often host shows before they make their official Broadway debut. It’s also a good city for comedy clubs and other sources of entertainment. There is also plenty to do in nearby cities and communities like Alameda, Daly City, Napa, and Redwood City. For those times when you want to stay in or be entertained on-the-go with content you can watch on your various devices, turn to Dish Network. If you never want to miss a 49er, Giants, Raiders, or A’s game, Dish offers 24/7 sports coverage with the Multi-Sport Pack! Dish also offers a wide range of packages that can be your trusted source for news, current and classic comedies, On-Demand content, sports, movies, TV shows for every taste and preference, and much more!

The Heat, Drought Periods, and Home Prices

A good portion of California has a Mediterranean-like climate that results in warm, dry summers. In some locations, like San Diego, high temps and oppressive heat are rarely an issue. However, there are times when elevated humidity levels make it very difficult to enjoy the many awesome things the Golden State has to offer – at least with outdoor activities. In fact, all-time high temperatures were set in Southern California in the summer of 2018.

Another concern among Californians is drought conditions. This leads to issues with wildfires in certain areas. While there’s nothing that can be done about such conditions, they can put a damper on planned activities and present potential dangers. On less serious note, some beautiful and heavily populated areas in the state also have high home prices. According to Zillow, the average home value in the state is nearly $550,000.

There’s not much that can be done about California home prices in certain desirable neighborhoods, drought seasons, or humidity. However, you can take comfort in knowing that Dish Network has reasonable rates and money-saving bundles that can make it easier to get the entertainment you want for your own in-home enjoyment. Staying in to watch the many programming choices available from Dish is also a great way to take a break from the heat!

Services in California

Providing reliable service is what Dish Network does best. The Golden State is also home to many other dedicated service providers. Some of them deliver tasty treats and meals right to your door, while others offer services designed to be used and enjoyed for many years. Here’s a closer look at some notable California services.

Southern California Edison

Southern California Edison is the one of the largest electric service providers in California. Headquartered in Rosemead, CA, the company serves nearly 15 million people, largely in the Southern California area. Northern parts of the state are primarily served by Pacific Gas & Electric Company of San Francisco. The company played a role in helping to restore power in other states after Hurricane Sandy in 2012. Southern California Edison has earned praise for an innovative program in which customers may obtain their electricity from renewable sources. Customers who opt to do so pay a special “green rate.”

TPx Communications

Founded in 1998, TPx Communications (formerly TelePacific Communications) is a provider of a variety of communication and managed IT and security services. Based in Los Angeles, the company offers voice services, an assortment of local and long distance phone services, Internet access, and various data-related services for small, medium and enterprise businesses. TPx primarily serves businesses and other carriers. While Internet access is available, TV service is not a service provided by this company.

Dish Network

Dish Network

Ranked number one nationally in customer service and overall customer satisfaction by J.D. Power, Dish Network is a direct-broadcast satellite service provider based in the Colorado city of Meridian. The company serves nearly 14 million TV subscribers in California and other states and more than 500,000 broadband customers. In addition to offering innovative technology and state-of-the-art equipment, Dish is known for providing 24/7 customer support and other appealing service perks. Whether you call Los Angeles, San Diego, San Jose, or San Francisco home, you’re sure to appreciate the services provided by Dish Network because of the following benefits:

• Award-winning HD and DVR technology

• Amazing, money-saving Dish TV offers

• No worries about long-term contract obligations

• Dish Hopper, Dish HD, Dish Internet, and other high-quality products

Wrap Up

Whether it’s visiting San Diego’s popular Gaslamp Quarter, checking out interactive exhibits at the Children’s Discovery Museum in San Jose, riding along the Los Angeles River Trail, or fishing at the Candlestick Point State Recreation Area in San Francisco, there’s never a shortage of things to do in any of the California cities and towns we serve.

But when it’s time to relax at home, however, Dish Network is at your service! With a line-up that includes more than 200 national HD channels, international channels, Dish is your reliable source for entertainment, news, sports, and much more in California. We also offer an assortment of packages and bundles you can take advantage of to get all of the services you need in a way that’s incredibly convenient and affordable.

On days when the Cali humidity is a bit too much for you, stay cool in the comfort of your own home with Dish TV. In fact, Dish has an awesomely diverse channel lineup that includes both local channels and an assortment of popular national networks and channels. Dish also offers channel packages tailored to personal preferences! If you’re a movie buff, for instance, consider the Dish Movie Pack. And if you’re a sports nut, you’ll be absolutely blown away by all of the Sports Packages Dish offers – plus Dish has the most college football coverage available!

For those times when you have tickets for a Dodgers or Chargers or game, plans to spend the day at Seaport Village in San Diego, or other obligations that will keep you away from home, Dish has got you covered, too! Our whole-home HD DVR can be used to

• Record your favorite shows

• Pick up viewing on recorded shows where you left off

• Watch and record up to 16 shows at once

• Watch any 4 HD channels at the same time

With up to 2,000 hours of recording space, Dish’s Hopper whole-home HD DVR can also be used to pause, rewind, and record live TV. It can even be coupled with any Amazon Alexa-enabled device! Of course, this is just one of several services and products available for your consideration from Dish Network in California. What’s more, Dish’s pricing is straight-up and reasonable. Take a moment to explore your many options with Dish Network in California!