Colorado – The Centennial State

Colorado is one of the nation’s largest states and a place that offers a wonderful area to live as well as a marvelous place to visit. The beautiful open spaces of this state have long been a draw for people in search of something special. Colorado today remains a premier destination for those who love the outdoors, want to get close to the some of the best facilities in the country and wish to ski high mountains, swim in some of the most pristine lakes in the country or just hit the hills for a hike with family and friends. The state has a great many wonderful sites to explore on foot. There are many different elegant and entirely unique cities with starred restaurants, amazing mountains ranges that lie just a short distance and plenty of room to roam. If you are thinking about moving here, already live in this part of the country or would like to visit, it helps to understand the many wonders that await you before you go. Coloradans also have access to a great many services such as those at Dish Network where sports coverage, an on-demand library of videos and a company that’s ranked number one nationally in customer service by J.D. Power.

Gorgeous Denver

Denver is both Colorado’s capital and the state’s largest city by population. As such, it makes an ideal trip for those in search of adventure. Denver is a city that invites exploration as it has a lot to see up close. Many surrounding communities are part of the region’s seventy-eight neighborhoods. Places like Ruby Hill, Windsor, Baker, Bear Valley and other parts of the metropolitan area make a wonderful place to start a family and put down roots.

Denver has a great many sites that attract lots of visitors each year. There’s a lively dining scene that has only grown even more in recent years. People can enjoy both chains and smaller places that allow people to sample the work of admired chefs. When not having dinner, there’s also many cafes that offer lots of small bites. They also have lots of locally brewed beers on tap, making this one of the nation’s best destinations for those who love a good glass of this chilled beverage by people who love the hops and want to show them off. Many places offer a huge selection that includes lots of locally made batches. The cuisine in this expanding region has been influenced by many regional cuisines. Popular choices include authentic Mexican, classic, all American comfort foods and hearty beef dishes. The main street has a vast array of shops and lots of ever-changing artwork on display. In addition, there’s also a free shuttle bus service that goes from Denver Union Station down much of the rest of the community. That makes it easy to hop on and hop off all day long.

The arts and world class sports are also particularly popular right here. If you are planning a trip to this city, you’ll want to check out the Denver Art Museum. With a wing that has been designed by Daniel Libeskind, it is one of the wonders of the west. Dozens of rooms show off many art periods and let people relax in a cool space. Another attraction that people love is Mile High Stadium. Home to the Denver Broncos, Mile High is an easy to place to get tickets in order to enjoy lots of different games. This is where to come to appreciate panoramic views, renowned food vendors and a chance to cheer on the home team.

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Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs is another Colorado town well worth a visit as well as a long term stay. With easy access to magnificent outdoor spaces and lots of services from the state government, it’s also a place where you can get Dish Network and its award-winning HD DVR technology with ease. This community includes many other communities such as East Colorado Springs and Briargate. It has been the setting for many noteworthy television shows and movies over the years as has the kind of features that can imitate many kinds of varied landscape. This is why those who love activities such as creating works of art and writing find this makes a congenial place very much to make their home base. It’s a good place to enjoy Dish Network and the access it offers to both local channels, national programming and channels that showcase the world of international sports and other shows.

The city is also one that offers much for all those who love being active. They will find a lot to do here all year long. The city is home to the United States Olympic Training Center. As such, people who like to take sports to the next level will find it a good place to enjoy. It’s also a place that makes it a destination that many who are training for the Olympics choose to make their home base as they prepare to go for the gold. Figure skating enthusiasts will find lots of things to do here. They can visit the Broadmoor Skating Club for a turn on some of the world’s most famous training ice. When they’re done they can tour the World Figure Skating Museum and Hall of Fame to admire their favorite skaters and their accomplishments in person.

Those who like Rodeo will find this a city that shares their personal passion for it. They can stroll over to the Pro Rodeo Hall of Fame and watch lots of rodeo events in this town that take place for much of the year. When not having lots of fun exploring some of the best facilities in the world, it’s a great place to have a wonderful walk in the fresh outdoors. There are more than a hundred miles of varied types of walking trails that surround the city in every single direction, making it easy to get outside from just about any point in the town.


Aurora, Colorado is part of the entire Denver Metropolitan area. As such, it is part of a community that has over two million residents. More than three hundred thousand people make this their home. They can turn to Dish Network for all their entertainment needs. Sports fans will find the company lets them enjoy wonderful, 24/7 sports coverage of many types of sporting events when they choose to use the Multi-Sport Pack and get access to all the sports viewing they want.

This is the state’s fastest growing suburb. Those who wish to have easy access to the many pleasures that Denver offers find this allows them access to varied types of housing including apartment complexes and lots of possible housing styles such as ranches. People can pick from dozens of neighborhoods that sprawl from the edges of Denver. This includes places such as Havana Heights and Smoky Hill, making it easy for them to find a great place to live that lets them commute to any part of the community without a problem. If you are thinking about making this community your own home base, you’ll find a lot of wonderful things to do any time.

Outdoor lovers can find easy access to over a hundred parks that are managed by the city government. This includes half a dozen award winning golf courses that let anyone have fun on the links and admire the incredibly wonderful views. There’s also many privately owned golf courses for even more time on the links.

When not golfing, people who live here make the most of their time with other kinds of outdoor sports and activities. The Star K Ranch is where you can find the Aurora’s Morrison Nature Center. It offers many different kinds of hiking trails where people can enjoy seeing some of the many types of local wildlife that are easily visible such as nesting birds and the region’s impressively varied types of reptiles. The Sand Creek Greenway Trail. Jewell Wetland lets people see some of the region’s most noteworthy wetlands in person via a protected boardwalk. A butterfly garden also welcomes many people each year.

Fort Collins

About fifty miles south of Denver, Fort Collins is home to over a hundred and fifty thousand people. It lies directly along the banks of the fast Cache La Poudre River. Originally begun as a military outpost in order to take full advantage of a central location on the way to other parts of the west, it is today a modern and lively destination by itself. Those who want to enjoy world class television access can work with Dish Network for Hopper whole-home HD DVR. This service allows the power to pause, rewind and record live TV in any room in a person’s home. It has up to two thousand hours of recording space and can now be paired with any Amazon Alexa-enabled device.

Four distinct seasons and low humidity make this one place where people choose to embrace the outdoors with great gusto. Much of the culture in the community centers around the many events at Colorado State University. Colorado State is home to lots of students who love all sorts of activities. Festivals involving a celebration of microbreweries and a marathon are much celebrated. The Fort Collins Lincoln Center offers people lots of time to enjoy may kinds of performances. There’s more than a thousand seats so it’s easy to get a ticket to see local artists and those who touring.

When not enjoying a wonderful performance, people find it easy to enjoy the region’s many community parks. The Gardens on Spring Creek offer a venue that has eighteen acres of gardens showing off the many types of flora and fauna. In addition, the state runs many parks that have lots of enjoyable public facilities. Residents can walk their dog, play frisbee golf, and hit the courts for a game of tennis or basketball. Places like Willow Springs and English Ranch are very much appreciated by local residents who love how easy it is for them to make full use of the region’s charms and find a nice place to live they can afford.

A Few Drawbacks

While living in and visiting Colorado has many wonders that make it such a fabulous place, there are a few drawbacks to take into account along the way. This is one state that has seen a great deal of growth in recent years. Many people have moved here from other places in search of a new start and access to the activities they love doing. As such, it has led to rising housing prices all over the state. Even smaller communities have felt the pinch and seen prices rise accordingly. Rising housing prices can make it hard for people to buy the home they want and enjoy the lifestyle they came here to find. It can also make it hard for people to find a rental that is within their planned budget. Many residents are finding that rising housing prices are also making it very hard for their relatives and other grown children to join them and leading to problems with land disputes.

In addition to problems with housing costs, the state has seen issues with rising taxes in order to cope with the influx of new residents. State officials anticipate additional concerns if this trend continues. They are looking for ways to help find new sources of revenue that may include additional taxes. Water rights are another issue that people should keep in mind. They are much cherished and often quite complicated. This can complicate buying a home and other issues related to any kind of land management. This is why all those who are thinking about buying a home here or renting a home should make sure they have the best possible advice along the way. A good lawyer can sort out any issues and protect their interests.

Cable Services

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