Mississippi – The Magnolia State

Partially cradled by the Gulf of Mexico, Mississippi is a sprawling and beautifully rich and abundant state that’s home to about 3 million people. Whether you live in Jackson, Gulfport, Southaven, and Hattiesburg, or smaller, more rural communities with uniquely appealing charm, you won’t have any trouble finding something to love about the Magnolia State.

Taking its name from the Ojibwe word for “Great River,” Mississippi is known for its powerful and sprawling waterways, thriving music scene, and hearty southern dishes – and for being the birthplace of Elvis Presley. This largely rural state where the agriculture and manufacturing industries provide many jobs is also a place where people appreciate having the opportunity to conveniently relax and unwind and enjoy an assortment of entertainment options. One affordable and convenient way to do this is with the money-saving packages and bundles available from Dish Network!

It doesn’t matter if you live in one of state’s bustling cities, in a smaller town along the mighty Mississippi River, or somewhere in the middle. Dish Network can bring the world to you no matter where you may reside in the state some people also proudly refer to as the Crossroads of the South. Dish provides an awesome line-up that includes more than 200 national HD channels and international channels. Plus, there are many packages you can choose based on what interests you most. See for yourself how Dish Network can make life in Mississippi even more wonderful!

Jackson, MS

The capital of Mississippi and the state’s largest city, the sprawling city of Jackson covers approximately 3,000 acres. Sitting on the Pearl River, the city that’s named after former U.S. President and General Andrew Jackson is nestled within the state’s Jackson Prairie Region, which is also where some of the state’s premier farmland is found. Nicknamed the “City with Soul,” Jackson is home to a thriving live music culture.

LeFleur’s Bluff State Park is popular recreation destination in Jackson that’s cradled by the Pearl River just off of Interstate 55. When not playing a game of golf on the park’s nine-hole course, you can always visit the Mississippi Museum of Natural Science, which is located within the park. This is also the place to go if you want to take advantage of Dish’s DVR features to record your favorite shows as you enjoy a day of hiking, boating, or fishing.

For a fun and informative family day in Jackson, take a trip to the Mississippi Museum of Art. The largest museum in the Magnolia State, it’s home to an assortment of permanent collections local, national, and international artists, photographers, and sculptors. Acclaimed works by several Southern artists are also featured.

Designed by British architect William Nichols, the Mississippi Governor’s Mansion offers free visits if you’re new to Jackson, or just in the mood to see some of the city’s finest Greek revival architectural work up close and personal. You’ll find this historic building in Downtown Jackson on Capitol Street.

If you live in Jackson or nearby locations such as Raymond, Byram, or Edwards, you might very well be a diehard fan of the Jackson Mets, Lawnmakers, Chargers, Bandits, or Wildcats. If this is the case, you’ll absolutely love the 24/7 sports coverage you can get with Dish Network’s Multi-Sport Pack! This is just one of several unique packages available to Dish subscribers in Jackson, MS, and surrounding areas.

Gulfport, MS

The second-largest city in Mississippi, Gulfport is the proud home of the U.S. Navy Atlantic Fleet Seabees. Just a short drive away from Biloxi, D’Iberville, and Long Beach, the city is known for its short and generally warm winters, historic neighborhoods, and charming neighborhoods. Located along the Gulf of Mexico, the city hosts many popular annual events with water-related themes. There are also many gorgeous golf courses and modern gambling facilities that can be found throughout the area.

One of the go-to family destinations in Gulfport is Gulf Islands Waterpark. It’s an expansive seasonal waterpark accessible from 17200 16th Street with an assortment of amenities that include slides, pools, and rides. The island-themed park also has on-site cafes and cabanas you can rent.

Another fun spot to bring your kids in Gulfport is Lynn Meadows Discovery Center. Located in a former school house that dates to the early 1900s, the center has interactive exhibits sure to capture the imagination of both children and adults alike. There’s also an outdoor play area where you can let your kids relax and unwind.

On your way to Zip’N Fun Adventure Park, consider stopping to take a look at Friendship Oak, a giant oak on Beach Blvd. in nearby Long Beach that dates back to the 1400s! As for Zip’N Fun, it’s a great place to get some exercise in a way that’s safe and fun. There are three courses available, including one specifically for kids less than 60 inches in height. If you prefer something a bit more challenging, try the treetop course, which includes games and obstacles plus aerial trails and a Tarzan Jump.

Whether you live and or work in Gulfport – or do a little of both, Dish Network is your trusted source for all of your entertainment and connectivity needs. Dish has budget-pleased TV and high-speed internet bundles available for one convenient payment. This is just one of the many perks Gulfport residents can enjoy with Dish!

Southaven, MS

The heart of the Memphis Metropolitan Area, Southaven is the most populated suburb of Memphis, and the third-largest city in Mississippi. The city’s name is a variation of the name Whitehaven, a neighborhood located in Memphis. Not far from Hernando, Horn Lake, and Olive Branch, Southaven is also the city where best-selling author John Grisham once lived and practiced law.

Southaven Towne Center is a popular local, open-air lifestyle center in Southaven. Anchored by J. C. Penney and Dillard’s, the shopping center is designed in a way that’s very inviting and convenient. It’s also an appealing shopping spot because it features an assortment of specialty shops and restaurants.

Home to 17 baseball-only playing fields, Snowden Grove Park is another popular gathering spot in Southaven. Considered of the largest youth baseball complexes in the country, the park also houses a mini-complex for mental challenged and handicapped individuals. Visit the on-site BankPlus Sports Center if you want to try your hand at putt-putt, practice your batting, or take part in a game of soccer. The park’s amphitheater-style concert venue is where you can go to see shows by many top acts, and don’t forget to check out seasonable celebrations that sometimes take place here!

If you’re in the mood to do some exploring in the Southaven area, consider a visit to the American Contract Bridge League Museum in nearby Horn Lake. The Lewis Ranch is a beautiful, charming, and historic landmark you can visit in nearby Nesbit. Locals also enjoy stopping by Strike Zone Bowling Lanes and the fun and interactive Liberation Escape Rooms.

DISH Movie PackThe average age in Southaven is 34 years, although people of all age groups can be found throughout this Mississippi city. No matter which generation you are from, you’ll appreciate the many packages and deals available from Dish Network, like a new customer deal that includes HBO®, Cinemax®, and Showtime® free for 3 months! Dish also offers award-winning HD DVR technology, so you’ll never have to miss any of your favorite programs while out and about enjoying everything Southaven has to offer. Dish also offers free locals so you can enjoy your local television!

Hattiesburg, MS

The county seat of Forrest County, Hattiesburg has a noticeable college town atmosphere since it’s home to the University of Southern Mississippi. The city has an upscale entertainment district as well, and an assortment of outdoor amenities. You definitely won’t have to worry about finding a good place to eat in this city either. You can easily find local haunts serving up New Orleans-style seafood, fried catfish, barbecue, and other Southern favorites. The city also has a thriving arts community that’s worth checking out.

Hattiesburg Zoo is a small 12-acre zoo nestled inside of Kamper Park in Hattiesburg on 17th Avenue. As you stroll through the zoo, be on the lookout for prairie dogs, antelope, monkeys, ostriches, zebras, and other lively and colorful animals. You can even get a close up view of alligators along the Tiger Boardwalk. After you visit the zoo, take a moment to check out the rest of Kamper Park, which has a series of walking trails, playgrounds, tennis courts, and family-friendly picnic areas. Your little ones can also enjoy a train ride around the zoo or a carousel ride!

Located on East Sixth Street, the African American Military History Museum is a great place to visit if you get a better feel for the many contributions African Americans made to the U.S. military over the years. You’ll be just as enlightened if you stop by the Hattiesburg Area Historical Society Museum or the Mississippi Armed Forces Museum. You’re also welcome to show your appreciation for local artists by visiting the Hattiesburg Arts Council Gallery at the Hattiesburg Cultural Center. It’s one of several bustling art galleries found in the city.

Residents of Hattiesburg and surrounding cities such as Petal, Lumberton, and Purvis often appreciate excellent customer service and reasonable pricing. Fortunately, this is exactly what you can expect from Dish Network. In fact, Dish is ranked number one nationally in customer service by J.D. Power! You’ll also have a choice of an assortment of budget-pleasing packages and bundles.

Hot and Humid Mississippi Summers

Mississippians regularly wilt every summer due to soaring temperatures and a humidity level that inspires a level of sweating that’s truly unique to the South. In fact, the Magnolia State has a humid, subtropical climate that often results in summers that are long, hot, and humid.

While July temperatures in the state average about 81 degrees, it’s not usually for records to be shattered as the mercury rises into triple digits in certain locations. South Mississippi, in particular, has had reported heat indexes ranging from 100 to 104 degrees!

There’s not much that can be done to change Mississippi’s climate, but there are ways to beat the heat. Sure, you can always find a conveniently located public pool or spend the day at one of the state’s many waterparks, but another way to stay cool on extremely hot and humid days is to spend some time indoors enjoy the many wonderful things offered by Dish Network.

With movies and television shows alone, Dish has an On Demand library that allows you to choose from over 20,000 TV shows and films! So, you definitely won’t be bored on days when it’s too hot to comfortably enjoy all of the Magnolia State’s many outdoor amenities and attractions. What’s more, Dish has a little bit of something for every taste and preference, including DishLATINO, which has the best of Spanish and English language programming!

Services in Mississippi

The residents of Mississippi are well-served by many excellent companies that offer an assortment of services to the people of the Magnolia State. Here’s a closer look at three of the top service provides in the state.

Talon Communications

Based in Brandon, MS, Talon Communications is a telecommunication equipment and service provider. The company sells and installs an assortment of professional systems. They also offer voicemail systems, dial-tone, internet, and CCTV security camera systems, and paging systems. Talon primarily provides Internet service and other communication services to businesses.

Mississippi Power Company

Founded in 1925, Mississippi Power Company is an electricity provider based in Gulfport, MS. The company serves cities and towns in nearly 25 counties throughout Southeast Mississippi. During Hurricane Katrina, the company was able to restore service to all customers who could receive it in less than 2 weeks. The company’s various plants use both coal and natural gas to generate electricity. Entergy Mississippi and Tennessee Valley Authority are a few of the other leading power suppliers in the state.

Dish Network

Offering 24/7 customer support, Dish Network is direct-broadcast satellite service that proudly serves existing customers throughout Mississippi while also warmly welcoming new ones with a variety of services and products that include award-winning HD DVR technology. Based in Meridian, CO, the company has a customer base that includes more than 13 million TV subscribers and more than 500,000 broadband customers. No matter where you reside in the Magnolia State, you’ll absolutely appreciate the following perks available from Dish:

• Hopper whole-home HD DVR
• No long-term contracts
• Budget-pleasing Dish TV offers
• TV and high-speed internet bundles

Wrap Up

The state’s home to the mighty river that provides its name, Mississippi is a diverse state that offers a variety of ways to entertain and delight. From visiting Elvis Presley’s birthplace home to taking a trip to the historic Ship Island and spending the day at Gulf Islands Waterpark, there are plenty of things to put on your do-to list in the Magnolia State.

Another excellent way for people living in Jackson, Gulfport, Southaven, Hattiesburg, or any of the other wonderful cities and towns located in Mississippi to spend their free time is enjoying all of the wonderful things available from Dish Network. And if you appreciate convenience, you’ll definitely love Dish’s award-winning HD DVR technology, especially on days when the Magnolia State is literally a little too hot to handle.

Our Hopper whole-home HD DVR is especially appealing because it allows you to pause, rewind, and record live TV in any room in your home. Plus, you won’t have to worry about having enough space to record your favorite shows – Hopper gives you to 2,000 Dish Installationhours of recording space! But that’s not all! Dish’s DVR service can be conveniently paired with any Amazon Alexa-enabled device. You’ll even get a remote with voice functionality!

Mississippi State University’s football team actually draws more fans per game than many MLB, NBA, NFL teams. However, the Magnolia State has no major professional sports teams of its own. But that doesn’t mean you have to be left out of the game day action. Dish offers 24/7 sports coverage with the Multi-Sport Pack. Additionally, Dish has the most college football coverage available – so you’ll never have to miss an Ole Miss game!

Not into sports? Not a problem! Dish has plenty of packages for every interest. If you want choices, consider the Flex Pack. You can also choose plans that will give you more than 200 channel selections. The Dish Movie Pack is perfect if you are a movie buff. If you have other preferences, you can always get some suggestions when you give Dish a call to subscribe and one of our friendly customer service reps will gladly offer suggestions based on what matters most to you. Choosing Dish for your entertainment and connectivity needs also means you’ll benefit from:

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Ready to explore the many options available from Dish Network for the wonderfully awesome people of Mississippi? Contact us today to get started.