Washington – The Evergreen State

If you ask some people about what they think is the best state to live, many of them will say Washington. There are numerous reasons why Washington is a favorite. From the amazing scenery to mesmerizing towns and rich history, this state has plenty of things to offer.

Anyone planning to move or visit Washington will be thankful for the experience. Let us start with the fact that there are several job opportunities all over the state. Microsoft, Amazon, and the increasing presence of Google and Boeing, the job market here is thriving.

Washington is also a large contributor to agriculture throughout the US. It produces cherries, apples, and even seafood. The state is composed of about 2,500 miles of shoreline. Aside from water, there are trees everywhere.

There is a reason why Washington is called the Evergreen State. The trees remain green for the most part of the year. The morning air is crisp and fresh, thanks to these nature’s treasures. Washington always has the reputation of being environmentally friendly. It is also ranked as the most bike-friendly state in the nation in 2015.

Meanwhile, if you are looking for entertainment sources, Washington is jam-packed with them. No matter where you go, there is always a choice for you. In fact, you do not even have to go out to be entertained. With Dish Network, you can access more than 200 national and international channels in high-definition quality.

Washington is also where famous cities are, including Seattle, Spokane, Bellevue, and more. Wherever you may be, Dish Network can provide you with the entertainment you seek. Plus, it comes with Hopper HD DVR, which lets you record TV shows for up to 2,000 hours. This way, you never have to miss a thing while you explore some of the best cities in the state:


Seattle may be cloudy most of the time but it offers several things to do. There are outdoor, indoor, water, and air activities. The city is just a short distance from Mount Rainier and is surrounded by beautiful scenery.

In downtown Seattle, there is Pike Place Market, which bears the iconic sign. It has stood the test of time and has been around for over a century. The public market is filled with dozens of shops and stalls, along with restaurants and street performers. All these and more can be enjoyed here while Elliot Bay envelopes the area.

Of course, Seattle is not complete without mentioning the Space Needle. Built for the World’s Fair in 1962, Space Needle is perhaps the most recognizable gigantic figure in the world. With a height of over 600 feet, you can view the city’s natural wonders, such as the Cascade Mountains.

Seattle is full of notable attractions and establishments. You can take tours to see the rest of Emerald City’s beauty. Take a boat ride to visit the Bainbridge Island or participate in the Future of Flight Aviation Center and Boeing Tour. It is 30 minutes north of Seattle but it is worth the journey.

When you are done touring the city, you can just relax at home. With Dish Network, you can just sit on your couch and enjoy browsing through the On Demand library. You will never run out of choices with over 20,000 movies and TV shows.


For those searching for a fun-filled experience in Washington, Spokane has plenty of activities to offer. It may not be the first city that springs to mind but there are several enjoyable hotspots here. Downtown Spokane, for instance, has a great location with popular destinations. It is also about four hours from Seattle. An extra hour will take you Portland in Oregon.

One of the top reasons to visit Spokane is its own river that flows through the center of the city. For a relaxing stroll, the Riverfront Park shows off gorgeous landmark features with cascades and rapids.

Spokane is in Eastern Washington where the weather is completely different from the western part of the state. The dry climate and the snowy winters make Spokane distinct from Seattle, for example. Nevertheless, there are several opportunities for hiking and biking among others.

If you are in the city in June or July, you can catch Hoopfest, which is the largest 3-on-3 basketball tournament that takes place yearly. The event draws about 200,000 people. If such a number seems overwhelming, you do not have to miss any sport you want to watch. With Dish Network’s over 200 channels and the Multi-Sport Pack, you can enjoy games in your own living room.

For wine lovers, Washington is known as the home of the best wines in the nation. From Walla Walla to Columbia Valley, you can visit these cities for an unforgettable experience. However, Spokane also has local wineries, such as the Barrister Winery and Arbor Crest among others.


Tacoma may be known as the city that shares an international airport with Seattle. However, there are a lot more wonderful facts about this place. Tacoma and Seattle also share a stunning location on the Puget Sound shores. This body of water is considered one of the most beautiful in the Pacific Northwest.

The city of Tacoma is popular for its glass art, which you can witness at the Museum of Glass. Dale Chihuly, a famous glass sculptor, hailed from Tacoma where he also created his renowned glass blown sculptures. Every third Thursday of the month, you can visit the museum for free from 5 PM to 8 PM.

Another art location that you should not miss is the Tacoma Art Museum. It supports local artists from the Northwest and other parts of the US. The museum features approximately 3,500 artwork pieces from American artists among others.

A five-minute drive from this museum is LeMay, which is America’s favorite car museum. It houses the finest car collections with 2,700 cars on display, making it the biggest in the world.

For a more laidback setting, have a drink at Bob’s Java Jive. It is a music spot that lets you drink a cup of Joe. If you prefer to drink coffee while watching TV, Dish Network is for you. It even comes with high-speed Internet bundled with the TV subscription. It is less of a hassle since you can pay for both services in just one quick method.


Vancouver is famous as the home to large manufacturers in the world, including Sharp, HP, and Alcoa. It is also where Fort Vancouver is located, which is Hudson’s Bay Trading post. The historic post was built in 1824 during the winter season and was used to trade fur in the Pacific Northwest.

The city is slowly earning a new nickname. Visitors and even the residents like to call it Brewcouver since it now has over 30 breweries. The area is also filled with tasting rooms with new additions every few months. These establishments are scattered all over the city, such as near Columbia River’s shore where you can find Maryhill Winery.

Other names include Hookum Brewing and the Beerded Brothers Brewing. Aside from drinking, there are numerous offerings for those who want to satisfy their food cravings. New eateries cropped up before 2018 ended. Some featured waffles, seafood, and meat.

The customers are the top priority in the city. It is why there are several spots that can be accessed for free. Driving up the North The Hopper - Dish NetworkClark County Scenic Drive or experiencing the Waterfront Renaissance Trail that shows the mighty Columbia River is a must.

Just like Vancouver, Dish Network prioritizes the happiness of its customers. It is why the network offers 24/7 customer support. If you need assistance, you only need to contact the company to get help from a representative. J.D. Power even ranked Dish Network as the number one firm in customer service in the entire country.

What to Watch Out For in Washington

Washington is such a lovely state. However, it is not perfect. You should be aware of the cons of living or visiting Washington. This way, you will know what to do in case you run into some of these negative aspects of the area.

Washington is home to a few volcanoes. While it may not be worrisome, there are five active volcanoes in the state alone. It means any of them can explode anytime. The largest, which is Mount Rainer, has not exploded for years. However, it remains active and can erupt at any given time.

Volcanoes may not be a part of your concerns, but they can pose a real danger for anyone living near them. Many people though are more worried about the high unemployment rate in Washington. Despite being one of the places in America with the most popular names in any industry, several locals cannot find work here.

Washington has a 6.4% unemployment rate, which is the ninth in the country. It is higher than its neighbors, Oregon and Idaho, which are 6.3% and 4.1% respectively.

Another thing to watch out for while in the state is the group of criminals lurking around. The good news here is that Washington has a low crime rate – violent crime, that is. When it comes to property crimes, the state has many of them. These lawbreakers are known to steal cars, phones, and bikes. Be wary of them while you are in the state. The numbers are getting high almost every year.

Despite all these details, Washington is still one of the friendliest and easiest states to visit. There are amazing destinations to get to through the Metro or just by foot.

Services in the State

You can find everything you need in Washington. From high-speed Internet to healthcare to event management, the state caters to everyone’s day to day demands. Here are some of the top services that the state provides for both the residents and the visitors:

Energy Northwest

This agency was once known as the Washington Public Power Supply System (WPPSS or Whoops as some would read the acronym). It got its new name in 1998. The company is headquartered in Richland, Washington.

Energy Northwest operates in the northwest US and was established in 1957. The agency promises to produce environmentally-friendly electric power that the locals can rely on and afford. Power from Energy Northwest is delivered to 23 of the state’s public power utilities.

This agency was formed to represent the joining forces of small and huge public power companies. It helps them so these firms can operate more efficiently and inexpensively. The consortium benefits more than 1.5 million people throughout the state.

Energy Northwest is committed to improving the quality of life. Therefore, the agency generates electricity from natural resources, such as wind, hydro, solar, and nuclear. The projects stem from these sources so the environment in the state will stay healthy and well-maintained.

This agency also owns and operates White Bluffs Solar Station, as well as Packwood Hydroelectric Project. Its nuclear energy facility is the Columbia Generating Station while the wind power source is through the Nine Canyon Wind Project.

The vision of Energy Northwest is to become the regional leader in generating clean energy for the residents of the state. The agency also wants to provide the best and most reliable power solutions for the public with its excellent performance.


CenturyLink is a service provider that operates in many parts of the country, including Washington. This company provides high-speed Internet access and phone among others. It services both residents and businesses across the state.

Internet speeds vary but the offers can reach up to 40 Mbps. When purchasing the service of the company, customers are reassured with their no-contract and no-rate hike promises. Plans start at $45 per month for the Internet.

You can use your subscription to play online games or download music to your device. CenturyLink also offers wireless Internet in Washington for homes, including smart homes.

Dish Network

Dish NetworkIf you are searching for a more affordable service, Dish Network is the best choice. With three months’ worth of free shows from HBO, Showtime, and Cinemax, you can indeed get plenty of savings. Hopper HD DVR can be paired with any device that you connect with Amazon Alexa.

For Spanish-speaking individuals or those who prefer a combination and Spanish and English language programming, DishLATINO is a service designed for them. Get all the channels you want to watch with just one account. You can even connect to the Internet with Dish Network’s TV and Internet bundle. Never miss your favorite series and sports events with Dish Network.