No springtime feels “normal” without the kickoff of the Major League season. America misses baseball.

Like so many other parts of American life, the nation’s pastime is currently shut down along with most other recreational activities. At this time of year in normal situations, the major league season has just kicked off in earnest as crowds head to see their favorite sluggers and pitchers and Dish Network customers keep up with their favorite teams via satellite.

Eager spectators are left wondering when they will be able to see their teams on the field. Here is the latest news on the start of the 2020 MLB season and how to catch all the games on Dish Network once it starts.

MLB Opening Day?

No definitive date for the opening of 2020 baseball has been released yet, but that hasn’t stopped analysts from speculating about a possible time.

One team, the Cleveland Indians, is repotedly preparing for a July 1st start date, but that date remains unconfirmed by the league.

League officials are expected to approach the MLB Players Association sometime in the coming week with a proposal to open the league back up somewhere in the July 1st range. That would mean spring training would begin in early June.

The MLB, through its spokespeople, has repeatedly stressed that its priority is protecting the safety of players and fans, despite the immense pressure for the most die-hard fanatics to begin the season as soon as possible.

Indeed, the MLB does seem to be ahead of the curve when it comes to talks of resuming a normal schedule. Schools, government offices, and “non-essential” businesses from coast to coast remain closed, with no word from most states about when or how to re-open.

Some states, though, beginning with Georgia at the beginning of May, have begun to lift restrictions on travel and commerce – sparking hope in the minds of baseball fans who miss watching their favorite sport.

How to Watch Major League Baseball on Dish Network

Dish Network customers can catch the latest developments in the sport by navigating to the MLB Network on channel 152. Access to the channel is included in both America’s Top 200 and America’s Top 250 TV packages. If you are not already a Dish Network customer, getting started is a breeze – just head to the site, browse through your options to find the best package with all your favorite programming, and arrange an installment. It’s easy and convenient.

MLB TV is available year-round. You can save money on the package by tailoring your subscription to focus on your favorite team. Streaming options are available for MLB TV. It also comes with complementary access to the At Bat Premium app and MLB Gameday Audio.

For more baseball action, you can also check out MLB Extra Innings on channel 476. Extra Innings also comes with a streaming option. A cable subscription is required to get MLB Extra Innings.

The Benefit of Dish Network for Major League Baseball Fans

So many baseball fans have found themselves far from home during the season, unable to catch the games of their favorite team except maybe when they visit the nearest city for a game with their rivals.

With Dish Network’s MLV TV option, superfans can stay up to date on their hometown team, even from thousands of miles away.

Contact your Dish TV expert provider today to schedule installation, and hope for the best in terms of the swift reopening of the MLB season.